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What is a CSA?
Belonging to a CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) supports local families, strengthens and supports a sustainable local economy and reduces your carbon footprint.  


Local fresh produce all year?

By being a member of our CSA not only will you receive a box of freshly harvested or stored vegetables, you will get a chance to explore what it means to eat locally and sustainably gaining an more intimate knowledge of your food.


How do get my "share"?

Your CSA basket will be made available to you at the farm or at a convenient location. An e-mail reminder will be sent out at the beginning of each pick up week. To get more information on the CSA Schedule and Share Cost contact us at by email at or by phone at 905.779.0710.


- Kale

- Spinach

- Tomatoes*

- Peppers*

- Cucumbers*

*available until Decemeber

We have been growing the finest grape and beefsteak tomatoes for the past 6 years. In 2010 we started growing a variety of other vegetables and now offer a summer and winter CSA harvest basket program


Our farm focuses on growing a variety of quality produce with minimal environmental impact.


Nutritionally, fresh local produce is surpassed by nothing else.  Receiving fresh local vegetables on a weekly basis throughout the summer and a biweekly basis throughout the winter enables you to have healthy choices to offer your family year round.


Although we will do our best to provide you with a wide variety of vegetables, farming and weather can be unpredictable especially in winter.  This can on occasion mean that the value of your box may be less than you paid for.  However we will always try to grow more for you than you paid and a bountiful harvest can bring great reward.


A typical biweekly box may include:

 - Potatoes                  

 - Carrots

 - Sweet potatoes

 - Onions

 - Garlic

 - Fresh cut mixed salad greens


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